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Pre-heating supply air for IT equipment by utilizing transport vehicle residual heat
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1. A velocity cooled (VC) mobile data center (MDC) comprising:
a volumetric container configured to support one heat generating information technology (IT) equipment positioned therein, the IT equipment having a specific range of operating temperatures, including a minimum operating temperature;
a ram air based cooling subsystem provided in the container that provides a flow of outside cooling air to cool the IT equipment when the VC MDC is moving;
a transport vehicle connected to the container, the transport vehicle having an engine that generates exhaust heat during operation; and
an exhaust heat re-routing subsystem fluidly coupled to the container and which channels the exhaust heat from the transport vehicle engine towards the container, the exhaust heat rerouting subsystem comprising at least one flow control mechanism that can be selectively placed in an open or closed position to selectively direct the exhaust heat to flow towards the container and provide additional heating of ingested ram air to bring the ambient temperature of the IT equipment up to within the specific range of operating temperatures, above the minimum operating temperature.