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Lighting system, method for transmitting schedule information in lighting system, and operation terminal
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1. A lighting system, comprising:
a plurality of lighting devices;
a plurality of lighting controllers each of which controls a lighting state of at least one lighting device included in the plurality of lighting devices; and
an operation terminal configured to control the plurality of lighting controllers, wherein:
the operation terminal includes:
a storage configured to store identification information of each of the plurality of lighting controllers;
a communication circuit configured to perform wireless communication with the plurality of lighting controllers; and
a terminal controller configured to transmit schedule information for each of the plurality of lighting devices to the plurality of lighting controllers via the communication circuit, the schedule information indicating a lighting state and a time point or a time period which are associated with each other, and
the terminal controller is configured to:
obtain identification information of a current lighting controller currently connected to the operation terminal from the current lighting controller via the communication circuit;
confirm, based on the identification information, that the current lighting controller is identical to a target lighting controller to which the schedule information for a target lighting device is to be transmitted; and
then transmit the schedule information for the target lighting device to the current lighting controller.