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Signal-preserving power booster and related method
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1. A signal-preserving power booster comprising:
an input module comprising a reference port and two input ports for receiving an input light signal therebetween, the input light signal conveying:
an input lighting power component at a first power level; and
a data-over-light digital stream component at a frequency imperceptible to a human eye; and
a metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) amplifier module, having access to the reference port, comprising two output ports for providing an output light signal therebetween, a first output port of the two output ports being connected to an internal amplifier circuit connected to the first input port and a second output port of the two output ports being connected to the second input port, wherein the output light signal conveys:
the data-over-light digital stream component from the input light signal; and
an output lighting power component, at a second power level equal to or greater than the first power level, the output light signal powering a first array of Light Emission Diodes (LEDs) at the second power level.