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Solid-state microwave device
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1. A solid-state microwave generator for applying energy to a food load disposed in a cavity of a microwave oven, comprising:
an oscillator;
a preamplifier coupled to the oscillator;
a power amplifier coupled to the preamplifier;
a radiating element coupled to the power amplifier and in communication with the cavity of the microwave oven;
a passive bandpass filter with a predetermined passband in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum connected in a line between the oscillator and the power amplifier, wherein the predetermined passband is selected for microwave frequencies to heat the food load;
wherein an output of the passive bandpass filter is connected to an input of the power amplifier to limit the energy transmitted by the radiating element into the cavity at frequencies outside of the passband, and
wherein the oscillator, the preamplifier, the power amplifier, the radiating element, and the passive bandpass filter are included in the microwave oven.