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Methods and apparatuses for enhancing the setup of carrier aggregation, dual connectivity, multi connectivity, license assisted access, or LTE-WLAN in communications networks
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1. An apparatus, comprising:
at least one data processor; and
at least one memory including computer program code, where the at least one memory and computer program code are configured, with the at least one data processor, to cause the apparatus at least to:
transmit, by the apparatus, a carrier aggregation profile to at least one user equipment wherein the profile comprises an indication of at least one of inter-frequency carrier and secondary cell that the user equipment is to measure during an idle mode;
receive, from the at least one user equipment, an indication that it has measurement results available for at least one of inter-frequency carrier and secondary cell in the profile; and
configure, for the at least one user equipment, carrier aggregation based on the received measurement results without further measurement configuration after connection establishment.