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Uplink data transmission method in wireless communication system and device therefor
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1. A method of transmitting, by a first user equipment (UE), uplink (UL) data in an unlicensed band in a wireless communication system, the method comprising:
receiving, from an evolved NodeB (eNB), UL scheduling information on a cell operating in an unlicensed band;
sensing whether a channel of the cell is in an idle state based on the energy of one or more signals;
receiving, from the eNB, clear channel assessment (CCA) configuration information for detecting a first reservation signal transmitted by a second UE co-scheduled with the first UE for a UL multi-user multiple input multiple output (MU-MIMO) transmission;
detecting the first reservation signal based on the CCA configuration;
cancelling the detected first reservation signal among the one or more signals,
transmitting, to the eNB, a second reservation signal when the channel is in the idle state; and
transmitting, to the eNB, the UL data on the channel based on the UL scheduling information,
wherein a sequence of the second reservation signal is determined based on a predetermined layer index and a value of a cyclic shift field within the UL scheduling information, and
wherein a sequence of the first reservation signal is determined based on a layer index other than the predetermined layer index and the value of the cyclic shift field within the uplink scheduling information.