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Physical control channel signaling on a shared communication medium
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1. A communication method, comprising:
controlling communication over a communication medium in accordance with a Time Division Duplex (TDD) frame structure defining a set of subframes that each span a plurality of time-domain symbol periods; and
transmitting or receiving control information via a short Physical Uplink Control Channel (sPUCCH) on one or more subframes of the set of subframes in a portion of the one or more subframes configured for uplink signaling, wherein the sPUCCH comprises one or more pilot symbols and one or more payload symbols that collectively occupy less than all of the plurality of time-domain symbol periods in each of the one or more subframes,
wherein the sPUCCH is transmitted or received on an uplink portion of a special subframe among the set of subframes defined by the TDD frame structure, and
wherein the uplink portion in which the sPUCCH is transmitted or received is located at the beginning of the special subframe preceding a gap portion and a downlink portion, respectively, of the special subframe.