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User equipment, network side device and method for controlling user equipment
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1. A method for controlling a user equipment, comprising:
generating control information of the user equipment, wherein the control information is adapted to indicate configuration of downlink data reception of the user equipment or configuration of uplink data transmission of the user equipment;
adding the generated control information to downlink control signaling; and
transmitting the downlink control signaling to the user equipment to instruct the user equipment to configure corresponding parameters according to the control information for data transmission with a network side;
wherein the control information comprises at least one of subcarrier configuration information and signal waveform configuration information;
wherein the subcarrier configuration information comprises configuration information of a plurality of groups of subcarrier parameters, and configuration information of each group of the plurality of groups of subcarrier parameters comprises at least one of a subcarrier spacing, number of subcarriers in a resource unit, and number of symbols in the resource unit.