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1. A wireless control system that performs wireless communication with a communication device and comprises:
a wireless adapter; and
a household electrical appliance, wherein
the wireless adapter includes
a wireless module to transmit and receive a wireless signal,
a wireless controller, and
a wireless display,
the wireless controller is configured to
analyze and convert the wireless signal received via the wireless module,
control the wireless adapter,
display, on the wireless display, a connected/disconnected state of wireless communication by the wireless signal, and
notify the household electrical appliance of the connected/disconnected state of the wireless communication,
the household electrical appliance includes
an appliance operator configured to receive a request for a wireless setting from a user,
an appliance controller configured to communicate with the wireless adapter and to control the household electrical appliance,
an appliance storage, and
an appliance display,
the appliance controller is configured to
receive, via the appliance operator, the request for the wireless setting from the user,
cause the appliance storage to store the wireless setting of the wireless communication received via the appliance operator,
display, on the appliance display, the wireless setting of the wireless communication from the appliance storage and the connected/disconnected state of the wireless communication notified by the wireless adapter, and
control power supply to the wireless module and the wireless display on a basis of the wireless setting stored in the appliance storage from a startup time of the wireless adapter so as to suppress power consumption of the wireless module and the wireless display.