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Image capture apparatus, image processing system, and control method thereof
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1. An image capture apparatus comprising:
an image sensor having a plurality of pixels, wherein each of the plurality of pixels has a plurality of photoelectric conversion units that respectively receives luminous fluxes that have passed through different regions on an exit pupil of an optical system;
one or more processors; and
a memory storing instructions which, when the instructions are executed by the one or more processors, cause the image capturing apparatus to:
obtain a plurality of first image data respectively corresponding to the different regions of the exit pupil, and a second image data corresponding to a plurality of regions of the exit pupil;
reduce the plurality of first image data;
generate distribution data representing distribution of defocus amount in the plurality of first image data;
generate extracted data for obtaining distribution data having higher resolution than the distribution data based on the first image data and the second image data; and
output the extracted data, the distribution data, and the second image data to be recorded in the image capture apparatus or transmitted outside.