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Lighting device incorporating a hyperspectral imager as a reconfigurable sensing element
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1. A lighting device, comprising:
a housing;
a light source within the housing of the lighting device and configured to output artificial light for general illumination;
a hyperspectral imager, coupled to the housing, configured to detect light in an area of the lighting device and generate hyperspectral image data from intensities of a continuous range of wavelengths of the detected light, wherein the light source and the hyperspectral imager are integrated components of the lighting device;
a communication interface coupled to a data communication network;
a memory storing spectral reference data and program instructions for processing and analyzing the hyperspectral image data; and
a processor coupled to the memory, the communication interface, the light source and the hyperspectral imager, wherein the processor, when executing the stored program instructions is configured to perform functions, including functions to:
control operation of the light source;
analyze the hyperspectral image data generated by the hyperspectral imager using image processing analysis techniques in relation to the spectral reference data;
based on the results of the image analysis of the hyperspectral image data, detect an environmental condition in the environment in which the lighting device is located; and
output, via the communication interface, a report of the detected environmental condition.