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Sealing assembly and method for the operation thereof
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1. A sealing assembly (1) for sealing a piston rod (2) of a piston compressor, which piston rod extends in an axial direction (A) and can be moved back and forth in the axial direction (A), said sealing assembly comprising at least one packing chamber (4) wherein the packing chamber (4) is bounded in the axial direction (A) by a first and a second side wall (5, 6) and radially by a cylindrically shaped housing (3) with a given inner radius, wherein at least one packing ring (78), configured as a sealing ring (7) or as a scraping ring (8), as well as a spring device (9) are arranged in the packing chamber (4), and wherein a spring device (9) and at least one packing ring (78) are arranged one after the other in the axial direction (A) proceeding from the first side wall (5), wherein the packing ring (78) lies against the second side wall (6), characterized in that the spring device (9) is configured as a magnetic spring and consists of two assemblies (9a, 9b) spaced apart in the axial direction (A), a first assembly (9a) and a second assembly (b), wherein each assembly (9a, 9b) comprises at least one magnet (10a, 10b), and wherein the magnets (10a, 10b) are arranged in the two assemblies (9a, 9b) in a mutually matched manner in such a way that the two assemblies (9a, 9b) repel each other, and wherein at least one of the two assemblies (9a, 9b)) is comprised of slideably interlaced ring segments inwardly biased by a spring element, and said at least one assembly has an outer radius smaller than the given inner radius of said cylindrically shaped housing such that it is elastically expandable radially outwards when said piston rod applies a radial force onto said at least one assembly.