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Load space covering device
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1. A device for covering a load space of a vehicle, the device comprising:
a cover which is movable between a retracted position in which the load space is uncovered and a deployed position in which the load space is at least partially covered; and
a sensor for detecting an object in the path of the cover and/or which may interfere with the movement of the cover;
wherein the sensor comprises at least one cover sensor disposed on the cover and at least one seat position sensor operable to output a signal indicative of a seat of the vehicle being disposed within the path of the cover, wherein the signal is indicative of at least one of: a vehicle seat being in a folded/stowed state; a row position of the seat within the vehicle; a position of the seat within the vehicle with respect to a longitudinal axis of the vehicle; and, a position of a headrest of the seat with respect to a backrest of the seat.