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Gated physiologial monitoring system and method
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1. A gated physiological monitoring system, comprising:
a physiological monitoring device configured to produce a physiological waveform other than a photoplethysmogram (PPG) waveform;
a PPG monitoring device configured to obtain a PPG measurement following an implementation of a measurement timing delay upon detection of a characteristic of the physiological waveform; and
a control circuitry communicatively coupled to the physiological monitoring device and to the PPG monitoring device and configured to:
obtain a sample physiological waveform via the physiological monitoring device,
generate an estimated timing delay between a characteristic of the sample physiological waveform and a known characteristic of the PPG waveform,
obtain at least two consecutive sample PPG waveforms via the PPG monitoring device based on the estimated timing delay, and
generate the measurement timing delay based on the estimated timing delay and the at least two consecutive sample PPG waveforms.