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Nanostructure diffraction gratings for integrated spectroscopy and sensing
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1. A spectrometer for identifying at least one substances in a sample comprising:
a nanostructure diffraction grating having a grating layer that comprises a plurality of nanostructure lines, wherein the sample is positioned on the grating layer, and wherein each of the nanostructure lines comprises at least a plurality of nanostructures extending across the respective nanostructure line in a direction along a surface of the nanostructure diffraction grating such that a width of the respective nanostructure line in the direction is greater than a width of at least one of the nanostructures in the respective nanostructure line;
a light source positioned such that light from the light source is incident on the grating layer, wherein the nanostructure lines are spaced in the direction with a periodic pattern having a period which is greater than the wavelengths of the light such that the wavelengths are spatially dispersed by the diffraction grating, and wherein each of the plurality of nanostructures has a respective width less than the wavelengths of the light; and
an array of photodetectors for measuring the light from the diffraction grating at the spatially dispersed wavelengths,
wherein the spectrometer is configured to identify at least one substance of the sample based on a spectra measured by the array of photodetectors.