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Installing and commissioning transceivers coupled to loads
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1. A lighting system comprising:
at least one lighting device including at least a transceiver coupled to a load, said transceiver comprising at least one identification information and at least one security information wherein said security information is used for securing the communication with the transceiver;
a remote database adapted to store the identification information and an associated security information for each lighting device;
at least a controller for managing the transceiver wherein the controller comprises
a first interface for a first communication with the transceiver, and
a second interface for a second communication with the remote database,
wherein the controller is adapted to retrieve the identification information of the transceiver through the first interface and the transceiver is adapted to send the identification information to the controller,
wherein the controller is adapted to retrieve the associated security information from the remote database through the second interface, and
wherein the controller is adapted to use the associated security information to enable secure communication between the controller and the lighting device and the transceiver is adapted to set a secure communication based on the security information.