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Solid-state lighting device having a wireless communication antenna
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1. A lighting device comprising:
a solid-state lighting element;
a radio frequency communication unit for wireless communication between the lighting device and an external device;
a light guide having a circumferential edge, wherein the light guide is adapted to couple in light emitted by the solid-state lighting element and to provide illumination to the surroundings of the lighting device, the solid-state lighting element being positioned in a depression of the circumferential edge; and
a metal strip extending along at least a portion of the circumferential edge of the light guide, wherein the metal strip is in thermal contact with the solid-state lighting element and the light guide, and wherein the metal strip is coupled to the radio frequency communication unit so as to operate as an antenna for the radio frequency communication unit, the metal strip having two ends arranged on either side of the depression of the circumferential edge forming a gap level with the solid-state lighting element.