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Split bearer dual/multiple connectivity retransmission diversity
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1. A method comprising:
by a master network node, receiving a quality of service, QoS, measurement from a user equipment, UE;
based on the received QoS measurement, forwarding by the master network node a data packet of a radio bearer for duplication to a secondary network node, wherein the radio bearer is split between the master network node and the secondary network node for wirelessly sending packets to a user equipment, UE;
determining relative network conditions between the master network node and the secondary network node;
based on the relative network conditions, selecting a redundancy retransmission mode from among multiple redundancy retransmission modes, each redundancy retransmission mode defining a different protocol for retransmitting multiple copies of selected ones of the packets to the UE over the split radio bearer; and
wirelessly retransmitting to the UE the multiple copies of the selected packets over the split radio bearer according to the selected redundancy retransmission mode.