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Deployment of trained neural network based RSS fingerprint dataset
Sean Huberman, Guelph (CA); Joshua Karon, Toronto (CA); and Henry L. Ohab, Toronto (CA)
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1. A method, executed in a processor of a server computing device, of deploying received signal strength (RSS) fingerprint dataset, based on a trained neural network for mobile device indoor navigation, the method comprising:
receiving RSS parameters from a plurality of mobile devices, the RSS parameters acquired for a set of positions within an indoor area, the RSS parameters being determined by the plurality of mobile devices using a respective RSS sensor device;
training a neural network implemented in the processor at lease in part based on the RSS parameters, the neural network comprising a first neural network layer corresponding to a set of RSS input parameters for a wireless signal in accordance with a first wireless communication protocol, and at least a second neural network layer corresponding to the set of RSS input parameters for the wireless signal in accordance with at least a second wireless communication protocol, an RSS input parameter being based on a postulated RSS model;
when a density of points represented by the set of positions having the RSS parameters exceeds a deployment threshold density, deploying the RSS fingerprint dataset within a fingerprint map, based on the trained neural network, the fingerprint map encompassing the set of positions; and
navigating another mobile device in the indoor area using the deployed RSS fingerprint dataset within the fingerprint map.