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Client steering for a wireless local area network
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1. A method for operating a wireless access point (WAP) selected communication channel on a wireless local area network (WLAN); and the method comprising the acts of:
accumulating proximity records over multiple time periods for each station that associates with the WAP, wherein a proximity record includes proximity metrics including at least a dwell time of each station relative to the WAP;
in response to receiving an association request at a current time period from a given station:
analyzing current proximity metrics from the request with the accumulated proximity records for the given station to predict proximity states and associated connectivity options;
determining a probability for each of the predicted proximity states based on a predicted dwell time for the given station at its current proximity to the WAP in view of the analyzed proximity records associated with the given station; and
in response to a highest determined probability exceeding a threshold for the current time period, controlling the WAP to enable a communication link for the given station based on a connectivity option associated with the predicted proximity state with the highest determined probability.