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Floor covering system comprising a lighting system
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1. A floor covering system comprising:
a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flooring having a user side and an opposite back side; and
a lighting system for generating light, the lighting system provided at the back side of the PVC flooring, the lighting system comprising a plurality of light units, each light unit having one or more light sources disposed on a common substrate;
an auxiliary layer comprising a first side and an opposite second side, the first side of the auxiliary layer positioned at the back side of the PVC flooring, the auxiliary layer further comprising a plurality of openings therethrough, wherein each of the plurality of light units is positioned entirely within a respective one of the openings in the auxiliary layer;
wherein the PVC flooring has a light transmission for light generated by the lighting system in the range of 0.5% to 30% such that the lighting system is not visible through the user side of the PVC flooring, and further wherein the PVC flooring is configured to protect the lighting system from damage when a user walks on the floor covering system; and
wherein the PVC flooring is disposed on at least two of the light units.