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Area illumination system and method
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1. An illumination system for generating a predefined illumination pattern on an area, the system comprising:
a plurality of luminaires, each luminaire having an orientation adjustment mechanism and being arranged to generate a contribution to said predefined illumination pattern on a part of said area;
a plurality of cameras, each camera associated with at least one of said luminaires for capturing an image of an illuminated part of said area including the contribution generated by said associated luminaire;
a data storage device storing a light plan including positional information and aiming information for each luminaire; and
a control unit adapted to facilitate the generation of the predefined illumination pattern by:
evaluating one of said images to determine a deviation from the predefined illumination pattern for the illuminated part of said area captured in said image;
selecting a luminaire from said plurality of luminaires based on information contained in said light plan; and
generating an orientation adjustment signal for the selected luminaire based on the determined deviation.