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Controller for a lighting arrangement
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1. A configurable controller for a lighting arrangement having one or more light emitting elements, the configurable controller comprising:
a user interface arrangement, comprising a touch sensitive area, adapted to receive a user input for controlling the lighting arrangement, and
a communication unit adapted to receive, from a user via a remote device, a configuration input indicative of a desired configuration of the user interface arrangement; and
a processing unit,
wherein the processing unit is adapted to map a range of selectable values of an output characteristic of the lighting arrangement to the touch sensitive area based on the received configuration input and further based on at least one characteristic of the touch sensitive area, and wherein the processing unit is further adapted to control the lighting arrangement based on the received user input according to the mapped range of selectable values,
wherein the processing unit is adapted to generate second output data comprising information relating to the at least one characteristic of the touch sensitive area,
wherein the communication unit is adapted to send the second output data to the remote device; and
wherein the at least one characteristic of the touch sensitive area comprises at least one of:
dimension, shape and resolution of the touch sensitive area.