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Method, system, and intelligent terminal for distributing random data
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8. A system for distributing random data, comprising:
one or more processors and a memory, wherein the memory is configured to store application programs. and the processors are configured to read and execute the programs in the memory to:
obtain a user instruction to be executed;
generate data to be shared based on the user instruction, wherein the data to be shared is conditioned on a delay;
detect whether an ended condition of the delay is fulfilled;
receive a first request for accessing the data to be shared in response to that the ended condition is fulfilled;
obtain an audience number of online audiences at the current moment based on the user instruction;
calculate one or more pre-selected data traffics corresponding to the audience number based on the audience number;
place the pre-selected data traffics at a preset position of a container for user to select;
count online durations of online audiences;
compare the online durations with a preset first time threshold; and
authorize data permissions of the audiences for accessing the data to be shared in response to that the online duration is greater than or equal to the preset first time threshold.