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Bingo game with bonus feature
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1. A system comprising:
a memory device configured to store instructions that are executable by a processor to provide a game of chance in which a plurality of house indicia is selected from a pool of house indicia;
an input device configured to receive a physical item associated with a monetary value;
a user interface configured to:
enable the player to select a wager for the game of chance; and
enable the player to initiate a cash out operation; and
a processor coupled to said memory device for executing the instructions, wherein, when said processor executes the instructions, said processor is programmed to:
add the monetary value to a credit balance for the player;
deduct the selected wager from the credit balance;
randomly select a plurality of house indicia from the pool of house indicia;
provide a random chance of selecting at least one bonus indicia;
determine whether a pattern has been completed by matching each player indicia within the pattern with the selected plurality of house indicia;
present a bonus to the player upon a determination that the at least one bonus indicia has been matched by a player indicia and that the pattern has been completed;
determine that the player wins a prize when the plurality of player indicia within the pattern is matched by the selected plurality of house indicia, wherein the prize is separate from, and in addition to, the bonus presented to the player;
decrease the credit balance in response to the cash out operation;
wherein a first payout amount is determined to be paid if the pattern is completed during the game in which the at least one bonus indicia has not been matched by a player indicia within the pattern, and said processor is further programmed to determine a bonus payout to be a second payout amount that is higher than the first payout amount.