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Electronic card connection device and electronic device
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1. An electronic device, comprising:
a casing having an opening, the opening having a top side;
a circuit board;
a connector comprising a terminal housing and a shell;
an electronic card tray, the electronic card tray comprising a first side and a second side, an electronic card receiving recess, a mounting block positioned in front of the electronic card receiving recess and an operating handle pivotally connected to the mounting block;
a switch, the switch having an insulative body, the switch further having a movable member, the movable member includes a clamp portion, the switch further having a fixed member, the fixed member is partially embedded in the insulative body and the insulative body is clamped on the clamp portion and electrically isolates the movable member and the fixed member, and
wherein the switch is positioned alongside a rotation range of the operating handle, and partially protruding into the rotation range allowing the rotation of the operating handle to change the state of the switch and the switch being provided on the circuit board, the electronic card tray is inserted into the connector via the opening.