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Method and device for mutual authentication
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1. A method of performing a financial transaction agreed between a customer and a merchant comprising authenticating the merchant to the customer by authenticating communication between the customer and the merchant over an insecure, high bandwidth communications network, in which the customer (C) authenticates the merchant (M) using a communications protocol comprising a first communications phase through a first communications channel over the insecure, high bandwidth communications network to establish a secure mode of communications between the customer and merchant, followed by a second communications phase of receiving information from the merchant over a second communications channel, and enabling a user to make a human comparison of the information received from the merchant with information generated by the customer thereby enabling the user to authenticate the merchant in the event that the information from both the customer and the merchant agrees and thereby enabling appropriate instructions to a third party, via the communication network thereby to enable completion of the financial transaction, the method comprising the step of agreeing to a key for communication between the customer and the merchant.