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EMC-shielding seal and electrical or electronic device comprising a seal
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1. A seal for an International Protection (IP)-sealing and electromagnetic capability (EMC)-shielding connection between a first housing component and a second housing component of an electrical or electronic device, comprising:
an elastomer-containing sealing body; and
a metallic support that is embedded to some extent in the sealing body,
wherein the sealing body and the metallic support are connected to one another in an adhesive and/or form-fitting manner and thus form a material bond,
wherein the metallic support has a plurality of contact segments, which project out of the sealing body and are configured such that the contact segments make electrical contact in resilient fashion with a first boundary surface that is assigned to the first housing component, and a second boundary surface that is assigned to the second housing component, the seal being pressed in between said boundary surfaces in an installed state.