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Connection structure and method for manufacturing connection structure
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1. A method for manufacturing connection structure, the method comprising:
arranging conductive particles and a first composite on a first electrode located on a first surface of a first member, each of the conductive particles comprising a particle core having elasticity coated with metals;
arranging a second composite on a region other than the first electrode of the first surface;
arranging the first surface and a second surface of a second member where a second electrode is located, so that the first electrode and the second electrode are opposed to each other; and
curing the first composite and the second composite simultaneously while pressing the first member and the second member until the conductive particles are deformed,
wherein the second composite contains an ene/thiol-based curable resin containing an ethylene unsaturated compound and a thiol compound, and a curable component of at least one of the ethylene unsaturated compound and the thiol compound is a 9,9-bisarylfluorene compound.