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Electronic device
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1. An electronic device, comprising:
a support member;
a flexible printed-wiring board that includes a first face, a second face opposite the first face, and wiring, and is supported by the support member;
one or more electronic components that are mounted on the first face, and are electrically connected to the wiring; and
a plate that is fixed onto the second face,
wherein the flexible printed-wiring board includes a plurality of first regions, on which the one or more electronic components are mounted or to which a member secured on the support member is fixed,
the plate is provided with an opening between two first regions of the plurality of first regions when viewed from a direction orthogonal to the first face,
at least part of the wiring includes an extension extending from one of the first regions toward another one of the first regions, and
the opening is aligned with the extension in the orthogonal direction.