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Interface device and method in wireless communication network
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1. A signal processing device of a base station, the signal processing device being connected to one or more wireless devices of the base station, the signal processing device comprising:
a memory; and
a processor configured to:
transmit wireless device setting information to the one or more wireless devices via a front-haul interface during a transmission unit time;
transmit a downlink packet, which is obtained by packetizing downlink baseband data, to the one or more wireless devices via the front-haul interface;
receive an uplink packet through the front-haul interface;
obtain uplink baseband data and inherent control information by performing uplink packetization on the received uplink packet; and
process the uplink baseband data based on analysis of the obtained inherent control information,
wherein each of the downlink packet and the uplink packet comprises a header in which common header information and independent header information are recorded, and a payload in which one of the downlink baseband data and the uplink baseband data is recorded,
wherein the common header information includes a front-haul frame number and a packet type indicator,
wherein the independent header information includes additional information dependent on a packet type and function split setting,
wherein the payload includes base band data according to the packet type, and
wherein the packet type indicator indicates a priority for determining service quality of the packet.