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Enhanced physical downlink control channel supporting common search space
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1. A method for a cellular base station (BS) to provide a cell, comprising: by the BS:
allocating a plurality of resource blocks (RBs) of a subframe as an enhanced physical downlink control channel (EPDCCH) separately specified for link-budget limited (LBL) user equipment (UE) devices of the cell;
providing control information on a common search space in the EPDCCH for one or more of the LBL UE devices of the cell during the subframe, wherein providing the control information on the common search space for the one or more of the LBL UE devices of the cell using the EPDCCH allows the one or more of the LBL UE devices to receive paging message indications via the EPDCCH when operating in idle mode, and wherein at least one aggregation level specified for the common search space of the EPDCCH for the LBL UEs is higher than a highest aggregation level in a common search space of a physical downlink control channel (PDCCH).