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Method for executing paging sequence in wireless communication system, and device for same
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1. A method for a mobility management entity (MME) to transmit a paging message to a user equipment (UE) in a hyper (H)-system frame number (SFN) non-synchronization situation in which H-SFN starting occasions of the MME and an evolved_nodeB (eNB) have been spaced at a preset range or more in a wireless communication system, the method comprising:
transmitting, to the eNB, assistance information comprising an identifier of the UE and an extended discontinuous reception (eDRX) cycle;
receiving, from the eNB, a paging information response message as a response to the assistance information, wherein the paging information response message comprises a remaining time up to a next paging occasion of the UE calculated based on the assistance information; and
setting the remaining time as an eDRX timer initial value and transmitting the paging message to the eNB when the eDRX timer expires,
wherein the paging information response message further comprises a paging synchronization gap value which is a maximum error value between paging occasions of eNBs at which a paging occasion of the eNB is capable of being considered to have been synchronized with paging occasions of other eNBs.