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Format aware file system with file-to-object decomposition
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1. A computer system comprising:
a hardware processor operatively coupled to memory;
a multi-tier storage array operatively coupled to the processor;
a decompose engine operatively coupled to the processor and the storage array, the decompose engine to:
receive a complex file;
decompose the received complex file including parse the file into two or more logical objects at least partially based on a file format of the file, each logical object having a distinct characteristic;
match each of the logical objects to a storage tier in the storage array; and
assign each logical object to a tier based on one or more object characteristics in the matched storage tier in a decomposed format; and
an index to record an identification of each logical object and a mapping to map the file to a set of logical objects; and
the decompose engine to place the identified logical object to the assigned tier within the storage array, records the placement in the index, and updates the mapping.