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Debugging streaming applications using debug regions
James E. Cancilla, Mississauga (CA); Samantha Chan, Toronto (CA); Mary M. L. Komor, Markham (CA); and Peter A. Nicholls, Janetville (CA)
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1. A processor-implemented method for debugging a streaming application, the method comprising:
establishing, by a processor, a debug region in the streaming application to mark a subgraph for debugging, wherein the debug region is an extension of a consistent region;
receiving a tuple flow suspension notification from a job control plane, wherein the received tuple flow suspension notification indicates a tuple flow associated with the streaming application has been suspended by the job control plane;
determining a debugging option for debugging the established debug region from a displayed plurality of debugging options based on a user selection on a graphical user interface;
translating the determined debugging option into a format compatible with the job control plane;
transmitting the translated debugging option to the job control plane;
determining the debugging option is a continue-monitoring request;
resuming the tuple flow using the job control plane based on the continue-monitoring request;
monitoring the resumed tuple flow for a checkpoint policy trigger event, wherein the checkpoint policy trigger event relates to a source operator being read in the consistent region;
determining the checkpoint policy trigger event has occurred based on a preconfigured checkpoint policy, wherein the preconfigured checkpoint policy is an operator-driven checkpoint policy;
suspending the resumed tuple flow based on the determined checkpoint policy trigger event;
resuming the tuple flow using the job control plane based on the preconfigured checkpoint policy; and
in response to the checkpoint policy trigger event occurring under the preconfigured checkpoint policy, suspending the resumed tuple flow.