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System and method for output compensation in flow sensors using pulse width modulation
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1. A system for monitoring and controlling flow rate of a fluid through a valve, the system comprising:
a flow rate sensor configured to measure the flow rate of the fluid through the valve; and
a controller in communication with the flow rate sensor and configured to:
receive the measured flow rate from the flow rate sensor;
determine if the measured flow rate is equal to a predetermined flow rate value; and
in response to a determination that the measured flow rate is equal to the predetermined flow rate value:
determine a minimum valve position threshold (xmin);
determine a minimum flow rate threshold (ymin) corresponding to xmin;
generate a pulse-width modulated (PWM) signal;
calculate a corrected flow rate (ŷf) using the PWM signal; and
control a valve operation using the corrected flow rate (ŷf);
wherein the PWM signal is configured to switch between zero and ymin.