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Socket assembly for receiving a lamp having a pinch seal
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1. A socket assembly for receiving a lamp having a pinch seal and a connecting pin led out therethrough, comprising:
an outer housing part with an essentially cylindrical cavity which is accessible from outside via a slotted opening extending in a longitudinal direction of the outer housing part,
an inner part mounted for rotation about a rotation axis (R) inside the outer housing part and including a free space which is configured for receiving the pinch seal and the connecting pin and which is accessible from outside, and
two opposed leaf springs for fixation of the pinch seal in the free space,
wherein each of the leaf springs is bent from a metal strip such that a linear resting face is formed which is adjoined on both sides by leg portions that are angled relative to the resting face and that are adjoined, at their ends distant from the resting face, by base portions running towards one another, said base portions turning into shaft portions that extend away from the resting face, wherein said leaf springs are attached to the inner part in the region of the shaft portions and the resting faces face each other and are essentially parallel to one another.