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Method and apparatus for scheduling of a wireless device
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1. A network node configured for operation in a wireless communication network, said network node comprising:
a communication interface configured for communicating with at least one of: another network node of a same or different type; and a wireless device operating within the wireless communication network; and
a processing circuit configured to:
determine whether the wireless device is of a first type or a second type, where wireless devices of the first type have no ability or a limited ability to transmit in a post-gap subframe, which is any uplink subframe that is the first subframe after a measurement gap that was preceded by an uplink subframe or a special subframe, whereas wireless devices of the second type have the ability, without limitation, to transmit in post-gap subframes; and
control scheduling of the wireless device with respect to post-gap subframes, in dependence on whether the wireless device was determined to be of the first type or of the second type.