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Method of storing and expressing web page in an electronic device
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1. A method in an electronic device comprising a processor, a display, and a memory, comprising:
searching web pages based on at least one parameter;
determining whether to store at least one web page of the searched web pages according to at least one of a current time, a network condition, a location, an additional charge condition, and a battery condition;
in response to determining to store the at least one web page, storing the at least one web page without user input;
extracting data from the stored web page;
sorting the extracted data into a plurality of categories;
creating an index page based on the plurality of categories for accessing to the extracted data by a user; and
displaying the index page through the display among a group of index pages,
wherein the at least one parameter, by the processor, is set based on the user's profile,
wherein the index page includes at least one category of the plurality of categories, at least some of the extracted data, at least one function generated according to the at least some of the extracted data, the at least one function executable on the at least some of the extracted data, and
wherein the creating of the index page is based on at least one of structure, layout, format, and design of the index page selected by the user.