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Gas chromatograph column connection device
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1. A column connection apparatus comprising:
a column base within which a column is movably disposed, the column base comprising a column retainer, a column tab, and a column biasing mechanism;
a depressible release slider positioned with respect to the column base and in communication with the column tab;
wherein the column retainer and the column tab define a space therebetween in which the column is slideably disposed, and wherein the column biasing mechanism urges the column tab toward the column retainer to frictionally engage the column between the column tab and the column retainer, thereby inhibiting movement of the column within the column base;
wherein depressing the release slider reduces the column tab's frictional engagement with the column, thereby reducing inhibition of movement of the column within the column base;
a housing and sealing assembly surrounding the column, the sealing assembly comprising a piston, a piston biasing mechanism, a piston retainer at the piston's first end, and a ferrule at the piston's second end; and
wherein the piston retainer and piston biasing mechanism urge the piston toward its second end such that, when abutting a mating portion of an external device, the ferrule forms a first seal around the column.