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System and methods to support autonomous vehicles via environmental perception and sensor calibration and verification
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1. A self-driving autonomous vehicle sensor support system, comprising:
a lighting network having:
a plurality of light units wherein at least one light unit includes at least one sensor; and
a controller, wherein the controller,
forms, based on data from the at least one sensor, a sensor map of an area local to one or more of the plurality of light units;
receives sensor measurement data from an autonomous vehicle relating to at least a portion of the area,
determines a difference in sensor data between the sensor map of the area and the sensor measurement data from the autonomous vehicle,
cross-validates the portion of the area of the sensor map and sensor measurement data and provide the difference in sensor data to the autonomous vehicle, and
determines an event based on the difference in the sensor map and the sensor measurement data from the autonomous vehicle, wherein the event is evaluated based upon sensor data from the lighting network that is outside a sensor detection range of the autonomous vehicle; and
communicates an action related to the event or the cross validated portion of area to the autonomous vehicle, wherein the action is an alert/emergency action or an update/calibration action to the vehicle measurement system.