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Heat dissipation module and electronic device having the same
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1. A heat dissipation module, adapted for positioning an electronic assembly, comprising: a base; a frame disposed on the base and having a passage for receiving the electronic assembly, wherein at least one segment of an edge of the frame that is adjacent to the base is distant from the base, and an air path inlet is formed between the at least one segment of the frame and the base and communicates with the passage; and a positioning member disposed in the passage and connected to a surface of the frame, wherein the positioning member comprises a metal sheet, and the metal sheet comprises: a middle portion comprising a flat surface, wherein when the electronic assembly is disposed in the passage, the flat surface of the middle portion is in direct contact with the surface of the electronic assembly; and two side portions connected to two sides of the middle portion, wherein the positioning member is connected to the surface of the frame via the two side portions, and the middle portion is separated from the surface of the frame by the gap; wherein when the electronic assembly is disposed in the passage, the electronic assembly is abutted against the positioning member, and there is a gap formed between the positioning member and the surface that allows an air current to flow through.