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Extreme UV light generator
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1. An extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus comprising:
a chamber in which extreme ultraviolet light is generated from plasma, the plasma being generated by irradiating a target supplied into the chamber with a laser beam;
a target generator configured to supply the target into the chamber as a droplet;
a droplet measurement unit configured to measure the droplet supplied from the target generator into the chamber; and
a shielding member configured to shield the droplet measurement unit from electromagnetic waves emitted from the plasma,
the droplet measurement unit including:
a light source configured to emit continuous light to the droplet;
a window provided in the chamber and configured to allow the continuous light to transmit therethrough; and
an optical sensor configured to receive the continuous light via the window, and
the shielding member including a shielding body provided on the chamber side with respect to the window configured to cover an optical path of the continuous light and having a light passing opening for passing the continuous light therethrough, and the shielding member is provided within the interior of the chamber, configured separately from a wall that constitutes the chamber.