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Method of controlling lighting sources, corresponding system and computer program product
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1. A method of controlling lighting sources as a function of a videogame played with at least one display, said lighting sources having at least one operating parameter which is controllable in at least one lighting sequence as a function of a time code data set coupled therewith, the method comprising:
providing a repository of operating data files for said lighting sources, said operating data files coupled with said lighting sources with each data file including at least one time code data set for at least one lighting sequence for a respective one of said lighting sources,
retrieving in said repository at least one operating data file coupled with a selected one of said lighting sources,
detecting at said at least one display at least one videogame signal indicative of the development of said videogame, and
operating said selected one of said lighting sources by controlling said at least one operating parameter as a function of the operating data included in the operating data file retrieved and as a function of said at least one videogame signal.