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Second order intermodulation cancelation for RF transceivers
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1. A transceiver, comprising:
a transmit chain configured to process a baseband transmit signal to generate an uplink signal having a transmit frequency in a first channel;
a receive chain configured to process a downlink signal having a receive frequency in a second channel;
a duplexer configured to filter the downlink signal to remove signal components outside the second channel
a replica circuitry configured to generate a replica signal, the replica circuitry comprising:
a leakage simulation circuitry configured to generate an estimated transmit leakage signal by filtering the baseband transmit signal based on a plurality of coefficients;
an adaptor circuitry configured to determine values for the plurality of coefficients to estimate a portion of the uplink signal that leaks through the duplexer to the downlink signal,
wherein the adaptor circuitry is configured to determine the values using iterations of coefficient values by a step size; and
a squaring circuitry configured to square an envelope of the estimated transmit leakage signal,
wherein the replica signal is based at least on the squared envelope of the estimated transmit leakage signal;
wherein the receive chain is configured to subtract the replica signal from a total received signal to generate a wanted received baseband signal.