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Pedalless electronically controlled hydraulic braking system with redundant pump
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1. A braking system for an autonomous vehicle comprising:
four brake devices each configured to respectively brake one of four vehicle wheels;
a first control system including a first pump fluidly connected to all four brake devices via at least one of a first hydraulic circuit and a second hydraulic circuit, wherein the first control system includes a first motor coupled to the first pump;
a second control system including a second pump fluidly connected to all four brake devices via the at least one of the first and second hydraulic circuit, the second pump fluidly connected in parallel with the first pump, wherein the second control system includes a second motor coupled to the second pump; and
a controller in communication with the first and second control systems, the controller configured to detect a fault in the first control system, and the controller configured to determine which component of the first control system contains the fault and to activate a corresponding component of the second control system in response to the detected fault such that the second control system operates in combination with operational components of the first control system.